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ERP system for Surveying Companies?

  • 1.  ERP system for Surveying Companies?

    Posted 12-09-2019 09:31
    Good morning,

    We support a client that is currently using an amalgamation of programs for time tracking, document sharing, drafting, modeling, etc. ( Quickbooks, Civil3d, Land Development, Pix4d, Cyclone, Office Suite). They have tasked us with helping to identify a new system that can incorporate some if not all of these practices to help reduce errors and extra work.

    Does anyone have any experience with:
    - QFactor for Land Surveyors
    - Wuntz Efficiency (Kudurru Stone)
    - any other systems that you would recommend?

    Thank you in advance

    Matthew Hyson
    Business Development
    Virtual Operations
    Longwood FL
    (407) 268-6626