Committees are vital to the success of our CFMA chapter.  Members can volunteer in a variety of ways within CFMA.  This is a great way for you to get to know other members within the association.  Time commitments vary by committee, but most meet once a month or quarter for about an hour.  They are fun and informative meetings. 



Programming Committee

Nick Costa - Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance


The Programming Committee is responsible for the development, planning, and execution of all Chapter events. Main responsibilities include:

  • Executing monthly chapter meetings:
    • Working with Chapter Administrator to publicize all chapter Events via email and by posting events and their details to the Chapter website calendar.
    • Coordinating announcements and speaker introductions.
    • Working with Membership Committee to obtain the exact headcount for each event.
    • Selecting venue and menu, making reservations, coordinating with the venue the banquet hall requirements and networking area, ensuring the venue is equipped with projector, microphone, and laptop for presentation.
    • Confirming speakers prior to the event.
    • Coordinating event agenda and introductions with Chapter President.
    • Giving consideration to event sponsorships, if appropriate.


Membership Committee 

Derek Lacy - Bowen, Miclette & Britt


Membership Committee is responsible for the Chapter’s membership recruitment and retention efforts. Main responsibilities of the Membership Committee include:

  • Identifying and Recruiting Prospective Members
  • Promoting CFMA at events and Answering Inquiries Regarding Membership
  • Integrate New Members Into The Organization
  • Hold Membership Drives
  • Member Retention


Sponsorship Committee

John Bachman - Regions Bank


Sponsorship Committee is responsible for developing and selling the bundled sponsorship packages.  The committee meets as needed. 

This committee structures four sponsorship bundles: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  The sponsorship bundles offer different values to sponsors and allow sponsor the chose which bundle best fits their budget and marketing needs.  The sponsorship bundles provide sponsor recognition at all events, in all email blasts, and on the chapter website.  The sponsorship committee is responsible for setting sponsor targets, sourcing sponsors, and selling sponsorship bundles to subsidize the Chapter events.  This committee works closely with Chapter Administrator to ensure all sponsor logos are added timely to email blasts, website, and social media, and that all sponsors are accurately categorized as Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze sponsors.  The committee also ensures sponsor recognition at all events.  The committee maintains the past and current list of sponsors. 


Suicide Prevention

Derek Lacy - Suicide Prevention Champion 


The suicide rate in construction is about four times greater than the national rate. And, since CFMA members are responsible for the financial resources of their companies, they are in a unique position to protect the health and safety of their people – their most important assets. Therefore, CFMA has taken the lead on this industry-wide initiative by providing CFMA chapters and members with suicide prevention information, education, and resources.  



Janice M. Lowery - CCIFP Champion 


The CCIFP Chapter Champion is responsible for increasing the number of CCIFPs in our chapter by talking about certification at chapter meetings. Supporting members who on in the process of being certified. Sharing information about being a CCIFP and supporting any study groups that we host.