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Committees are vital to the success of our CFMA chapter. Members can volunteer in a variety of ways within CFMA.  This is a great way for you to get to know other members within the association.  Time commitments vary by committee, but most meet once a month or quarter for about an hour. They are fun and informative meetings. 


Programming Committee

Nick Costa - Programming Champion

Gage Chancey - Incoming Chair 

Christina Finch - Assistant Incoming Chair

Nathan Brainard 

Jessica Hubbard 

Kaitlyn Pacenza 

Chris Robertson 


Programming Committee Responsibilities:

Design and present programs that address the educational, informational, and networking needs of Chapter Members.  These programs will be relevant, timely, and presented in formats most convenient and meaningful to CFMA Chapter Members and those companies they represent.  This includes venue selection, pricing, sourcing, and coordinating with speakers, obtaining CFMA National CPE approval. 

The goal is to have the majority of CFMA FY (4/1 – 3/31) scheduled by 2/28. Time demands are greatest during Q1 and Q4.


Membership Committee 

Margie Morris, CCIFP - Membership Champion

Kyle Erickson
Christina Finch
Derek Lacy
Andrew Laney
Stacy Lopez 
Charisse Ocasio
Jennifer San Miguel
Alison Weaver


Membership Committee Responsibilities:

Welcome new members via email, cc Chapter Admin, Chapter President.

Collaborate on how to increase member attendance to local events/involvement.

The Membership Committee meets via Teams 1 hour a month. Time commitment could increase to 1-2 hours a month if the committee gets creative on reviewing membership and reaching out to those who haven’t attended an event.


Sponsorship Committee

John Bachman - Sponsorship Champion

David Brennan
Doug Foreman

Caleb Gore

Derek Lacy

Michelle Mosley

Sponsorship Committee Responsibilities: 

Annual review and adjustment as needed to the sponsorships available for purchase. This includes overall construction of sponsorships such as evaluation of cost, benefits, number of sponsorships permitted at each level and more.

Communicate with Programming Committee to obtain an annual listing of events to be included at each sponsorship level.

Present and gain annual approval of sponsorships from board.

Starting in the first quarter of each calendar year (before CFMA CFL’s fiscal year starting April 1st), reach out to potential sponsors to participate.  Outreach to start with those already participating in sponsorship, then to other members of the board, followed by general members of the chapter and external business as well. 

The time commitment for this committee is heavier during Q1 and Q4 of each calendar year (as stated above) with minimal work the remaining parts of the year. Meetings occur as needed to complete the above tasks.


Suicide Prevention Committee

Derek Lacy - Suicide Prevention Champion 

DJ Conroy

Thomas Kleinschnitz


Suicide Prevention Committee Responsibilities: 

To share suicide prevention resources with our chapter.

Encourage our Chapter Members to take the STAND Pledge.

To provide educational programs and/or awareness messages about suicide prevention with the chapter.



CCIFP Committee

Janice M. Lowery, CCIFP - CCIFP Champion 

Rachel Dobbs

Dunie Dominguez

Jose Parra, CCIFP

Stephanie Pompeo


CCIFP Program Responsibilities: 

Provides a forum for members and non- members to seek out information related to the CCIFP certification.  This includes, but is not limited to, CCIFP overview class, funding for CCIFP classes, provide instruction on the certification for members who may need help with the website or understanding how the certification can help them in their careers, maneuvering through the large quantities of education materials, individuals seeking study groups, conduct a CCIFP overview class at least every two years.  

Coordinate with corporate CFMA for STAR monies available for use. 

Build a sustainable model, so that the CCIFP continues into future years within the local chapter.